Coaching Process

Every WJ Consulting coaching client is a partner in a collaborative relationship. My singular aim is to help the client access untapped potential in ways that are especially impactful but that may have seemed previously unavailable. I combine my training, experience and resources as a certified leadership coach with my experience in business and management consulting. My understanding of business context and organizational dynamics informs the coaching process.

Each individual “coachee” (or client) — and often the client’s organization as well — drives the specific agenda, or coaching goals, while I serve as catalyst, navigator, questioner, and supporter. I help clients reframe their challenges and opportunities so that they can make new choices and changes that will yield dramatic results in terms of management effectiveness, professional accomplishment, and organizational results.

WJ Consulting coaching engagements typically follow these collaborative steps:

  • Confirm coaching engagement terms
  • Draft coaching goals
  • Collect assessment data and stakeholder input
  • Refine goals and success measures
  • Explore improvement possibilities
  • Plan, experiment and take action
  • Clarify learning, build on successes
  • Evaluate results
  • Plan to self-coach and sustain progress

With the assistance of an experienced coach, leaders and managers progress toward their own definition of success more effectively and more rapidly.  And through a ‘ripple effect,’ their staff and other stakeholders rise to a higher level of performance along with them.

Prospective and new clients often ask what they can expect from the coaching experience beyond the tangible steps. The ’softer’ side of WJ Consulting coaching engagements includes the following essential components:
  • The client’s deep commitment to embrace change — and let go of assumptions and behaviors that do not serve him/her, opening up the heart as well as the mind
  • Mutual respect, trust and curiosity — an interest in greater self-awareness and new perspectives explored in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment
  • Elevated accountability — with mutual follow through on commitments
  • On the job learning — coached insights that are then explored and developed on the job via self-observation and reflection
  • Support from the client’s organization and/or management (if applicable)
WJ Consulting’s coaching services and leadership development work have repeatedly proven to be a powerful, cost effective way to raise the bar on individual and group performance. They can complement but are not the same as management skills training, mentoring, or traditional professional development programs.