Organizations are messy.  Leadership is complicated.   By listening for distinctions that clarify, collecting multiple perspectives on each client, and sorting through the data, WJ Consulting equips managers to focus on what matters most so they make smarter choices.  From there, sustained progress emerges.

One coaching client was a rising manager who was a “rock star” as an individual contributor in his organization.  In terms of his subject expertise, productivity and achievement of goals, he excelled ahead of his peers.  Top management noted Evan’s leadership potential but knew he was seen as aloof – disconnected from his peers and seemingly uninterested in collaboration.  They brought in WJ Consulting to see if they could keep Evan on the leadership track.  Through our coaching partnership, he learned that relationship-building and productivity need not be competing commitments, and he made other new distinctions that led to valuable experiments in his communication style.  By the end, Evan truly believed in and demonstrated to all stakeholders a commitment to shared goals and the collaboration that supports them.  Top leadership was very pleased with his progress.