Powerful coaching is grounded in proven tools and approaches and is also continually adapting to a client’s situation and reactions.  It’s art and science – and often even fun.

WJ Consulting worked with one relatively new (first-time) executive director at a social services nonprofit who confronted a variety of challenges.  Alice had a new board chair figuring out his own role and boundaries and several veteran board members with strong personalities.  Alice wasn’t winning them over in the initial months.  The ED/Board Chair relationship seemed especially fragile, exhibiting more signs of misunderstanding and distrust than of support and alignment.

When our coaching began, Alice’s confidence was beginning to erode, but her dedication and good judgment seemed to be in tact.   More than anything, she needed a supportive sounding board to help think through, refine and validate her responses to Board requests and to a number of staffing crises that emerged.  Together, following her lead as the organization’s expert, I helped her think ahead several steps, consider alternative paths, and refine her leadership strategy.  We practiced a few sensitive conversations and prioritized activities.  She decided which frustrations to let go of and where to be firm in her position.  Alice navigated a very challenging year with strength and success!