WJ Consulting understands that the presented challenge or opportunity is not always the most valuable place for a manager to focus.   By reframing difficulties, building on strengths, exploring blind spots, and introducing ways to improve their leadership and their organizations, WJ Consulting inspires clients to reach unimagined levels of performance.

For example, one coaching client was one of the smartest people I know, extremely knowledgeable about many disciplines that were relevant to his organization’s work.  With a gift for connecting seemingly unrelated ideas to solve complex engineering problems, Jeff had no shortage of insight.  Except when it came to his  own management style and preferences.  When our coaching partnership began, he was struggling in a new leadership role.  Jeff pushed so hard that his health suffered.  He thought he wanted help mastering the management activities that he was throwing himself into (and that he disliked).  In fact, I helped him realize that Jeff had to find a way to continue to play to his unique strengths.  That’s where his maximum value to his organization would be realized.  In Jeff’s own words, “I would describe Hilary as experienced, insightful, candid, and flexible. Her coaching was very helpful in clarifying important career issues and focusing on, in my case, three specific professional goals. I’ve made substantial progress in all three. I don’t think I would have stumbled across several significant “a ha’s” without her coaching.”