Core Values

I bring the following core values to every client engagement:

Continuous Learning & Improvement

Every manager, no matter how accomplished, can learn to employ their personal and professional strengths more effectively and can benefit from greater self-awareness. Learning is part of work; executive coaching makes such learning more accessible and impactful.

Clarity of Thought & Communications

Lack of clarity around goals, roles, assumptions, outputs, and performance is one of the most common — and addressable — causes of performance problems. A clear, organized thought process must precede effective communications and work relationships.

Power of Choice

An effective coach and client can jointly discover and create new choices for the client.  When executives reframe opportunities and challenges in constructive ways, they can advance toward goals with greater ease, wisdom, and speed.

Achievement as a Motivator

Acknowledged progress on an executive’s self-defined priorities and recognition of existing strengths are among the most powerful ways to reinforce good habits and motivation. The same applies collectively to a management team.

Supportive Collaboration

I work with a client, not for a client.  Shared objectives,  mutual trust, and accountability are prerequisites to a successful engagement.  Candid communications, integrity, and appropriate confidentiality are also essential.

Reaching the Nonprofit Community

I work with both for-profit and non-profit entities.  Many of the same professional development challenges and management best practices are relevant in both types of organizations with modest adjustments.  Serving the non-profit sector is a personal priority.

Project Selection

Before accepting an engagement, I confirm that the scope and objectives are appropriate to my skills and services  and that client commitment is in place to support a successful outcome. Mutual agreement that there is a personal fit between coach and client is also important.