Service Offerings

Executive Coaching

An experienced thought partner who knows how to help you explore your assumptions and options can help you grow as a leader and make choices that bring your best to your work.  I offer one-on-one coaching to top executives and rising managers, focused on performance priorities, leadership capacity, and personal growth.  The benefit of stronger leadership extends to many.

Leadership Development

On-the-job development accelerates and sticks when coupled with focused, experiential training.  I design and deliver interactive group sessions that focus on the leadership and management skills that are most important to an organization or team.  Programs are tailored and incorporate different learning methods that can include assessments and activities outside of the sessions.

Retreat Facilitation

Team retreats are invaluable when deeper, more expansive strategic thinking or increased collaboration is needed.  I plan and facilitate board retreats, staff retreats and specialized management sessions, with a focus on well-defined group outcomes.  A great retreat (re)launches important initiatives and provides “practice” at aligning stakeholders and reinforcing valuable team behaviors.

Team Workshops and Team Coaching

High performing teams need care and feeding.  I offer customized sessions that raise awareness, strengthen team dynamics, and begin to improve team norms.  Workshops can be built around the findings of a team survey or a tool like Myers-Briggs assessments.  They can also focus on building skills that improve teamwork,  such as decision-making or clarifying roles.  For deeper support of lasting improvements, I provide team coaching that is embedded in a team’s mission-driven work.  It can be tailored around the findings of a team assessment or focus on specific team behaviors, such as accountability, trust, or inclusion.