Client Testimonials

Chief Development Officer, Leading Social Services Organization:

As a retreat facilitator, Hilary is uniquely skilled at helping a team develop actionable plans for improving performance. She offers the ideal mix of theoretical dexterity and practical insight, allowing teams to both ‘take a step back’ to assess what they’re doing well and prepare real ways of taking steps forward once the retreat is done. No fluff or filler with Hilary — just careful planning, responsive facilitation, and a keen eye for the heart of any issue.

Director of Technology Operations & Customer Support, International Nonprofit:

My coaching experience was just what I needed. Hilary provided enough insight and asked the right questions to help me come up with solutions and keep me focused on what I was trying to achieve. Her style was perfect… she always listened to understand and asked questions that helped me focus. I loved her follow up emails on what we had discussed and next actions. Her approach with my supervisors was also a learning experience for me. She was able to make everyone feel comfortable and focus on my goals. I learned a lot just by paying attention to her interaction with other people during our sessions… Her coaching opened up more doors than what would have been possible on my own. I feel like I now have the ability to extend my progress just from the opportunities that were provided to me through coaching.

Director of Operations at a National Nonprofit:

I am amazed by how much progress I made in just a few short months working with Hilary. When we started, I rarely felt good about where I ended each day. Through our coaching work, I feel like I have developed some great strategies for managing an increasingly complex job, and I’m much calmer about everything. In our sessions, I addressed things that had been holding me back for years. Hilary knows when to listen and when to dive in with suggestions, recommendations and assignments. She did not let me get away with the same old way of working. She and I developed some great team leadership strategies, which resulted in significant improvements in the work of my team. Our CEO has remarked on several occasions that she has seen noticeable improvements in the way I contribute to the organization.

C-level Executive, Regional Nonprofit:

Hilary was indispensable in helping me think through my professional strengths and priorities as I undertook a major job change. Hilary was adept at helping me clarify the pros/cons of different options so that I could select the best fit. She is quick to get up to speed and thoughtful, yet direct. I have worked with Hilary before in different types of engagements, and I respect her greatly as an advisor and coach. I would call her again without hesitation!

Senior Director, Global Fortune 500 Company:

Professional coaching was offered to me by my boss as a development opportunity to help me progress to the next level within my company.  Our collaboration was customized to my specific objectives. I saw immediate results when I identified what my personal challenges and hot buttons were. In less than a year, I got the promotion I had been seeking, largely by improving my style, behavior and management skills — thanks to Hilary’s guidance.

Executive Director, International Professional Services & Research Company:

My coaching work was an incredible journey for me… It offered me great clarity on my gifts and things I should pay attention to. Hilary was very gifted at asking the right questions and holding me accountable for progress on the things I said matter. Thanks to her energy, time and expertise, I gained a great deal from the experience. I intend to conduct a quarterly coaching “tune-up” with Hilary on an on-going basis.

Founder and President of a Nationally-focused Nonprofit:

Hilary Joel facilitated the annual staff retreat for our small (16 staff) non-profit. Her instincts for how to conduct a day that was both enjoyable and enriching were uncanny. Her exercises were fun and produced rich take-aways for our staff. Finally, Hilary has an excellent ability to offer insights and advice that participants found very useful. I would recommend her as a facilitator without reservation.

Board Chair of a National Nonprofit:

Hilary’s coaching and strategy consulting work with our Executive Director has been extraordinary and, I think, a key contributor to the success of our strategic planning process and the Board retreat associated with it.We approved the plan months earlier than expected, and I couldn’t be more excited about our next 3-year trajectory.

Director of Regional Sales at a Leading International Hospitality Company:

Working with Hilary as my coach turned out to be much more rewarding and more comfortable than I had anticipated. I have a much better understanding of how to lead a team more strategically and how my emotions and my actions affect team members and our performance. I thought I would be nervous about sharing personal information about my weaknesses and I remember wondering what could someone from outside really do that would be helpful.  However, the exact opposite was the result. I learned a lot about myself that I know I never would have learned had I not had this opportunity.

Technology Executive, Global Financial Services Company:

As an executive with CIO and CTO experience, I was ready to find my next career move but lacked a plan. Hilary helped bring clarity to my career goals while her coaching enabled me to better articulate the value proposition that I offer to large organizations. Through our sessions, she helped improve my interviewing skills making me better prepared to talk to “C” level executives. I had the background and skill set but needed help in bringing out my own confidence and raising the level of my game. The result was that I found just the right job for me in a relatively short time frame.

Director within an Institute at NIH (National Institutes of Health):

Hilary Joel did a magnificent job of facilitating and teaching at our recent Myers-Briggs workshop for our mentorship program. She presented the material with ease and fielded tough questions from program participants. We are eager to have her back – in fact, we are doing so next month because of the wonderful feedback she received after the session.

Program Director at a Renowned National Nonprofit Organization:

Making the decision to work with Hilary and then the productive nature of our work together were my real turning points. I learned a lot about myself and am grateful to her for her straightforward, no nonsense help. What I discovered (in no small part, thanks to Hilary!) is that I have not minded being busy and a bit stressed, if I am doing work that I like and that I feel in control of! It has actually been a great relief, since I was feeling so burned out and negative.  I have felt happy and productive in my work for the first time in, probably in 3 years!

Executive in Career Transition:

Working with Hilary was instrumental in helping me reach my career objectives. Her professional approach ensured we had a shared understanding of the goals, and charted progress along the way. Her personal style and experience brought forth an invaluable level of clarity. I would highly recommend her as an executive coach.