Example Engagements


Organizations are messy.  Leadership is complicated.   By listening for distinctions that clarify, collecting multiple perspectives on each client, and sorting through the data, WJ Consulting equips managers to focus on what matters most so they make smarter choices.  From there, sustained progress emerges. One coaching client was a rising manager who was a “rock star” […]


WJ Consulting understands that the presented challenge or opportunity is not always the most valuable place for a manager to focus.   By reframing difficulties, building on strengths, exploring blind spots, and introducing ways to improve their leadership and their organizations, WJ Consulting inspires clients to reach unimagined levels of performance. For example, one coaching client […]


Powerful coaching is grounded in proven tools and approaches and is also continually adapting to a client’s situation and reactions.  It’s art and science – and often even fun. WJ Consulting worked with one relatively new (first-time) executive director at a social services nonprofit who confronted a variety of challenges.  Alice had a new board […]