My Story

My passion for nonprofit leadership emerged in phases...


After college, I was a corporate management consultant for ten years. I was good at it, and initially found the intellectual challenges and teamwork rewarding. When I first got restless, I knew little about the amazing organizations built by nonprofit leaders or the complex, important problems they address.


Soon after September 11, 2001, in response to the exposed fragility of the Greater Washington, DC community, I helped launch a nonprofit, Compass Pro Bono. Our goal early on was to channel the talents of MBA-trained business professionals to help local nonprofits strengthen their operations and resilience. Compass Pro Bono’s mission evolved as our network of volunteers and nonprofit clients grew and diversified. My roles included Board chair, fundraiser, strategic planner, and pro bono consultant. I got hooked! I enjoy learning about and from nonprofit leaders, staff, and boards. I love working directly with inspiring changemakers and helping them thrive.


In 2004, I learned of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program. I had a hunch it was for me – I could grow personally and become a better management consultant if I picked up some coaching skills. Happily, the training exceeded expectations and equipped me to be a valuable partner to nonprofit leaders. I was hooked again! Coaching was for me. My 20-year evolution since then as a 1-on-1 coach as well as facilitator, and organizational consultant has been full of rewarding experiences and relationships.


Thank goodness for serendipity. In 2010, I wandered into an ideal, if vague, opportunity to build a professional development program for the next generation of nonprofit leaders. I partnered with an independent nonprofit called Princeton AlumniCorps, where I designed, built and (for 11 years) delivered a participatory Emerging Leaders Program to cohorts that included over 300 inspiring young managers. The blended learning environment kept me on my toes and showed me the value, challenges, and fun of learning in diverse peer communities.


In 2016, I sought a new kind of personal “stretch” in a new kind of group setting. I took my first improv classes, and I was hooked yet again! As a result, I look to infuse my coaching and team facilitation work with the agility, creative lightness, trust-building, and other emotionally intelligent gifts of improv.

Concurrently with my client work, I serve on three nonprofit boards: Washington Improv Theater, Compass Pro Bono, and CollegeTracks. Board service and client work give me a rich understanding of what helps and hinders leadership impact, team effectiveness, and professional fulfillment. It is a privilege to keep learning about human potential with like-minded individuals in the nonprofit space.

On the side, you might find me cooking without recipes, performing improv, practicing yoga, officiating weddings, enjoying nature with our dog, or playing board games with my husband and our grown sons.

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