My Coaching Process

Each individual WJ Consulting coaching client is a partner in a collaborative relationship. My singular aim is to help you access untapped potential in ways that are especially impactful and may have seemed previously unavailable.

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Through a series of sessions, usually twice per month, I help you build your own scaffolding, so that you learn from both your cumulative experiences and new in-the-moment awareness. The scaffolding that we build includes multiple perspectives on any problem or possibility, deeper self-understanding and confidence, and a healthier sense of personal agency. Our shared aim is to move you steadily toward a better version of yourself.  

As your co-pilot and navigator, I help you curate from your own knowledge, intuition, and skills, and invite you to also integrate insights that I’ve learned elsewhere. Together, we design realistic on-the-job experiments that help you and your stakeholders perform collaboratively at a higher level with greater clarity and confidence. When a coaching engagement winds down, you have tailored, practiced, and internalized the new discernment, motivations, and skills that are most important to you.  You have raised your baseline as a leader, influencer, learner, and collaborator. And you are likely finding more joy in work and life.

Here are some key ingredients of every coaching partnership I have:

  • Your readiness to learn, change, and grow in both internal and visible ways
  • A high level of mutual trust and candor
  • An increasingly clear idea of what your progress will look like (your unique coaching goals)
  • Inputs such as assessment data, 360 perspectives, performance reviews
  • Accountability with mutual follow-through on agreements and actions
  • On-the-job experiments that may go outside your comfort zone and can be informed by my experience
  • Support from organizational leadership, peers, and/or key stakeholders (as feasible)
  • Engagement flexibility to redefine challenges, approaches, and goals as we go
  • A wonderful ripple effect that extends coaching benefits and gains to others

My coaching and leadership development work have repeatedly proven to be a powerful, cost effective way to raise the bar on individual and group performance. It can complement formal skills training, mentoring, and traditional professional development programs.

"I addressed things that had been holding me back for years."
~ C-suite Leader

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