Achieve a new level of performance, self-awareness, and leadership.

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I help nonprofit executives, rising leaders, and management teams realize their potential and aspirations more fully and sustainably than they can on their own.

What to Expect


Understand all dimensions of your situation and focus on what matters most.


Reframe strengths and
challenges and discover new ways to realize your potential.


Practice new ways of working with others that yield better experiences and better results.

My Services
Executive Coaching

Coaching can be invaluable for top executives and rising managers. Let me help you make sustainable gains in effectiveness and personal growth while also improving organizational dynamics and results.

Retreat Design & Facilitation

I can help you design and conduct a retreat that takes your team's strategic thinking, alignment, and commitment to a new level.

Team Workshops

My tailored workshops can help your team achieve its full potential. Whether you have a new team or long-time members, we can improve capacity and performance.

Leadership Development

If you have staff that need to get better at leading and managing others, a customized leadership development (LD) initiative can be a catalyst.



"Hilary played a crucial role in guiding our nonprofit team. She encouraged meaningful dialogue and creative problem-solving, ensuring that our team felt empowered to implement with confidence."
"Hilary’s coaching and strategy consulting work with our Executive Director has been extraordinary and, I think, a key contributor to the success of our strategic planning process."
~ Board Chair, National Nonprofit
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We all have better versions of ourselves waiting to be activated.

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Latest Posts
January 24, 2024

My source of (re)learning as I entered the new year was not from a client this time. A family member tore both Achilles tendons in late December. Not a single medical professional we’ve encountered has seen a double tear. His initial post-operative recovery involved a few weeks of no weight on either foot as we approached the winter holiday. This was uncharted territory for all of us.

November 1, 2023

We are sometimes pushed by outside factors to quickly be hyper-decisive out of necessity.  In those moments, we can feel rushed, reactive, and ill-equipped.  When the pressure is not there, however, we miss opportunities to build ourselves a smooth pathway that is paved with decisions.  Small but grounded decisions can remove external uncertainties, reduce team-wide confusion, and reverse personal ambivalence.