First Blog

Welcome to my first blog entry!

I plan to share with you observations, insights and questions that can improve your professional life in any of a number of ways — enriching your work and making it more meaningful, focusing your efforts to lead you to desired results more effectively, lightening the weight of your work and making it more manageable, expanding your views to bring out their best in yourself and others, and balancing the inevitable trade-offs we all must make, so that you feel confident about and comfortable with your choices. …  We may cover other terrain as well, with your valuable input.

In my 20+ years of management consulting and my five years of executive coaching, I continually see that managers and executives (in fact, all professionals, myself included) spend far too much time in a heads-down, get-it-done-now mode of operation that relies on habitual assumptions and ways of doing things, whether the habits are good, bad, or over-used ones. My blog is intended to remind all of us to look up, look outward, and look inward a bit more often –  and learn from what we notice and incorporate that learning into our lives.

I’ll share something useful only when I’m inspired, when I have an “a-ha” that seems broadly applicable.  Short and sweet.  I am, however, hoping for a conversation that extends beyond my own ideas.  As with my favorite professional listserv, I hope that readers (you!) share your reactions, so that the learning moments multiply and that any practical advice I offer is complemented by the wisdom of others.